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Advantages of Using Contact Lenses Over the Glass Spectacles

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Jerome Princy, Mar 27, 2020.

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    Lenses are much more comfortable than the glass Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review specs; people do not find it irritating even if they wear a lens for a long period of time; whereas, wearing a heavy eye glass can cause enough irritation and can also cause itchy feeling. Kids and working people find it very uncomfortable while playing or working, wearing a glass spec. Kids often face severe accidents when fall down wearing the glass spectacles. Such accidents can be prevented if they use lenses.

    While wearing, the lenses sometimes get dried up causing blurry vision; blinking the eyes for sometimes clears that dryness. But, when such things happen in a glass spectacle, people have to put off the glass and clean it. Besides these, the lenses also provide immense style; mainly the colored lenses. The teenagers are attracted to the contacts mainly because of this. These lenses can be found in various colors and also in various themes. Colored lenses are of three main types; the opaque colored lenses, the transparent lenses and the tinted lenses.

    The opaque contact changes the color of the eyes completely; many people use it matching them with their dresses or to show off a different color of their eyes. The transparent contact lenses do not change the color of the eyes, but enhances the original color. These lenses are also used extensively by the people nowadays. The tinted contacts do not change or enhance the eye color; rather a blue or green tint is used so that people do not have any problem searching it.