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Discussion in 'Support' started by mfct qvsn, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Empowered Boost this process may stop if the proteins in your diet are constantly lacking. The general energy of the body will also suffer from this, since approximately 10% of the proteins take part not in the construction of muscle tissue, but in special biochemical reactions responsible for the energy of the body. And if the body lacks this energy, then it begins to “burn” any protein molecules, since they are potential carriers of energy charge. Burning your own protein is very bad for athletes. Muscles begin to decrease in volume, and the body itself is filled with harmful by-products of protein decay. These products are called ketone bodies. In order to balance proteins and carbohydrates in your diet, try using the rule of two-thirds. Its essence is that a third of the food plate should be high-protein foods, and the remaining two-thirds should be high-carbohydrate foods. 1) For proteins, the same rules apply as for carbohydrates. Much more important is their reception after training, and not before it. 2) High-quality protein nutrition is the key to a high neuropsychic tone. The way proteins affect our brain and psyche suggests that they help the body absorb minerals and vitamins. And these, as you know, are catalysts for mental activity and good mood. 3) Do not place large bets on such a high-protein product as beef. Although there really is a lot of protein, with a minimum amount of fat, but it contains elastin and collagen, which are very difficult to break down by our digestive tract. Water Human muscles are 70% water. It plays a key role in maintaining high muscle tone. Many bodybuilders underestimate the importance of water and treat it as nothing more than part of their diet.