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Why we choose the HD lace front wig?

Discussion in 'Proposals' started by tinashehair, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Full lace wig: the full lace wig is made of the full lace cap. Usually full lace wig is made from French lace or Swiss lace, by contrast, French lace more tenacious, service life is longer, but it is easy to see the lace when you wear the lace wig. Swiss lace is the exact opposite. The human eye cannot perceive, so more women choose the Swiss lace to make the wig because it is natural enough. The only major disadvantage of using Swiss lace is the service life will reduce with the wear. Full lace wigs can cover most of the women's head and can match with the women's natural hairline and skin.

    HD front lace wig: the HD lace front wig is usually made of lace and bundles. The lace color is the same as your skin, so it will be particularly natural. The HD lace front wig can make bare hairline appear, and you also can make the hairline by yourself. Most of these wigs are made of lace material that extends between the temples, and some require glue or tape, making them easy to wear.

    We all know that both HD lace front wig and full lace wig are popular real human hair wigs in the market but why is the HD lace front wig better than the full lace wig? Why more and more women prefer HD lace front wigs to full lace wigs?

    Invisible hairline

    A human hair HD lace front wig with baby hair can make you look gorgeous and make the hair more natural. If you do not tell them it is a HD lace front wig, no one will know. Even if you tell them, they will not believe you, because all the hair comes from the beautiful young girl’s head.

    Breathable, lightweight and comfortable

    The "lace" of the HD lace front wig is a tight mesh fabric with small holes. Those small holes allow the HD lace front wig to breathe. Air can circulate in and around your HD lace front wig to make your HD lace front wig lighter and more comfortable.

    Easiest to style.

    The human hair HD lace front wig can be tedious and frustrating for beginners if you choose a glue HD lace front wig. So, we recommend you choose a glueless HD lace front wig which is easy to wear with a comb and adjustable straps. When you have a glueless HD lace front wig, almost any hairstyle is a game. Just make sure you are using the suitable wig styling product. The only style that cannot be matched with a lace wig is a high ponytail.

    More inexpensive

    Lace wigs are generally considered to be high quality by professionals in the hair industry and are difficult to construct, which makes them more expensive. If you are willing to give up full lace wigs, you can reduce the cost to buy a HD lace front wig, because the materials for front lace are much less than the full lace wig, which reduces the cost of HD lace front wigs.


    The life of your HD lace front wigs is usually determined by the material they are made of. The HD lace front wig can be worn for up to a year if properly maintained.

    The above is the reason why we chose the HD lace front wig, I hope it can help someone who ready buying the hair.